How to Travel Safely with Your Pet

Pet travel is usually considered to be fun but, could also come with a series of setbacks that every pet owner should know. Many airlines, trains and other means of public transport operators allow passengers to board with pets. However, pet owners are responsible for ensuring the safety and health of their pets when traveling. The following are useful tips on how to safely travel with your pet. 

Make Sure the Pet is Fit to Travel 

The fitness of your pet for travel will depend on several things. First, the pet must be trained to travel by whatever means you will be using. If you are planning to fly with the pet, make sure that it is trained for air travel. The same should happen when you are planning car rides. 

For cats and dogs, you will also need to make a visit to the vet for health checks ups and certification before travel. In case of any health concerns, the vet will also issue advice or medication to keep the pet healthy through the trip. 

Keep Your Pet Fed and Happy 

It is not very easy to stick to the regular feeding schedules of your pet when traveling. But, leaving the pet hungry for too long can cause erratic behavior, making the whole adventure very chaotic. It is advisable to properly feed the pet before departure and, also offer healthy snacks and water periodically to keep it happy. You may also want to place a few toys in the crate or carrier so the pet is not bored. 

Use the Right Restraints and ID Tag 

Whether you are traveling by car, train or plane, you will need a crate or carrier to house the pet while on transit. For the safety of the pet, use a crate with enough space, proper ventilation and better protection. An ID tag bearing the name of the pet, your name and contacts are also necessary for the quick recovery of the pet in case it slips away. 

The secret to safe pet travel mainly lies in proper training and your ability to keep them healthy and happy along the journey. Traveling with your pets more often will enable them to get accustomed to the adventures more easily, thereby ensuring fun trips in the future. 

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